Should You See a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Botox Injections?

Board-certified plastic surgeons, especially those with extensive experience in injections like Dr. Majewski, are still the safest and smartest choice for facial injections. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have a considerable mix of both specialties: Botox injections, other neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and various non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Dermatologists generally have a better understanding of the functionality and physiology of the skin, while plastic surgeons have a deeper understanding of facial anatomy and know how to provide surgical treatments.

When it comes to improving any aspect of your appearance, it's best to work with a plastic surgeon. Unlike dermatologists, plastic surgeons have immense training and experience in both surgical and non-surgical techniques, making them better suited for remodeling or reshaping any part of the body. A good way to select a plastic surgeon is to research online and then schedule in-person consultations to get a better impression of the surgeon's style and approach. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, there is also a difference in the type of evaluation at a medical spa and at a dermatologist.

While some of these therapies are offered both in medical spas and in dermatologists' workplaces, they should always be performed by or under the supervision of a specialist. If you're thinking about having a cosmetic procedure, you should look for clinics where Botox injections are administered by the dermatologist or plastic surgeon or nurses specially trained for the procedure. At Farber Plastic Surgery, patients can find a natural way to improve and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. The clinic offers state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery center and highly trained staff.

Lasers have advanced to the point where they can be safely used in a medical spa (and often cost less at a medical spa than in a dermatologist's office). In conclusion, when it comes to infusions, diagnosing your condition, or treating the reason for a cosmetic problem, choose the dermatologist. However, if you're looking to improve any aspect of your appearance, it's best to work with a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons typically have the training and skills to reshape or rebuild any part of the body.

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