Can You Become Immune to Botox?

Can you become immune to Botox? The answer is yes, but it's rare. According to experts, only 1-3% of patients who receive Botox injections develop toxin-blocking antibodies, which can cause the body to break down the injections quickly and render them ineffective. If you're one of the few people who are immune to Botox, Dysport may be an alternative option. This is because its formulation is different from that of Botox, so you may respond differently.

It's important to discuss your options with a doctor. The reason why some people become immune to Botox is because it's a form of toxin produced by bacteria. Different brands purify it in different ways, and if unnecessary proteins remain in the product, they can act as adjuvants in a vaccine and stimulate the immune system to respond better. Immunogenicity is the ability of an exogenous substance to enter a person's body and cause an immune response.

All manufacturers of neurotoxins recognize their potential in their products, and all of the aesthetic toxins currently available on the market have been shown to cause an immune response in at least one patient. If you're starting to develop resistance to Botox, you may still be able to respond to toxins with lower immunogenicity. However, it's important to remember that immunity to Botox is rare and only affects a small percentage of the population.

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