How to Reverse the Effects of Botox

The simple answer to this question is: no, Botox cannot be reversed. There is no known “antidote” for Botox, although this doesn't necessarily mean that nothing can be done if you experience certain unwanted results. When Botox injections go wrong, they can have a severe impact on facial aesthetics. This can be the result of using someone other than a qualified plastic surgeon. Although it's not technically possible to reverse Botox injections, Dr.

Maurice Khosh may be able to offer you non-surgical solutions to even out the effects and improve the appearance of the treated area. It's important to entrust Botox injections only to a reputable provider who understands how your muscles react to the injections. Dr. Khosh is a highly qualified specialist in the areas of aesthetic and facial reconstructive surgery. When you receive Botox as a treatment from Dr.

Khosh, it is based on extensive experience as a plastic surgeon and has a double certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. There are a number of common findings that Dr. Khosh would expect to see with bad Botox injections. A completely expressionless face, also known as a “frozen face”, is the classic impression most people have of a bad Botox. An experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon like Dr.

Khosh understands the anatomy of the face and can limit the freezing of facial features with precision Botox injections. A more problematic manifestation of poor Botox treatment is a droopy eyelid. This complication occurs due to the involuntary filtration of Botox into the muscle that lifts the eyelid. Khosh can help improve the appearance of a droopy eyelid by prescribing eye drops that help stimulate a secondary muscle that lifts the eyelid. Although the terms “Botox” and “facial fillers” are commonly used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

If too much Botox is used, the effects are not reversible. Maurice Khosh is a successful plastic surgeon who can offer a consultation to determine if there are cosmetic solutions to balance the impact of bad Botox. Unlike Botox, excess volume resulting from the overuse of facial fillers can be reversed in many cases. Khosh can use hyaluronidase to precisely target unwanted effects and reverse the impact of excess facial or cheek volume by dissolving facial fillers in hyaluronic acid gel. Many times, the partial dissolution of the excess filler will solve the problem; other times, the complete dissolution of the fillers will be necessary to allow reinjection in the appropriate anatomical locations. This approach is often necessary to correct lips that are too full.

Khosh will allow you to offer recommendations for correcting poor cosmetic work. The only way to avoid bad Botox is to trust an experienced facial plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Not only does Dr. Khosh have the academic qualifications as a subspecialist in aesthetic and functional surgery, but he also has extensive experience in providing optimal results to patients, based on a specific consultation. The next time you want to make aesthetic improvements to your face or neck in New York, see Dr.

Maurice Khosh. Understand the anatomy of the face and how tissues, muscles, fat and connective tissues react to Botox and dermal filler injections. With a long career in plastic surgery, Dr. Khosh can achieve the desired results for patients who have had a bad experience with Botox in the past. You'll regain your faith in cosmetic treatments to create a rejuvenated appearance when you choose Dr.

Khosh as your trusted plastic surgeon. To get the best solution for poor botox therapy, one notable procedure is known as pyridostigmine treatment. There are several methods that can correct a bad result with Botox, such as waiting for the neurotoxin to run out, injecting small amounts to stabilize some muscles, and introducing a medication called pyridostigmine.

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